MO MAN TAI / jaarkalender (8 rollen van 10 meter tape)

Image of MO MAN TAI / jaarkalender (8 rollen van 10 meter tape)
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Creative, simple and in typical mo man tai DIY-style: plan a project or a whole year with Year Round! Eight rolls of 10m tape give you all possibilities of planning and organising.

These printed masking tape rolls can be arranged on your wall in any way that fits your actual needs. Be it an all year planner, birthday planner, for certain temporal projects or a timetable – the possibilities are endless…

Masking 226 paper tape can easily be removed from normal, intact walls (and other surfaces). But we recommend to test it before use on older, weathered Walls etc.

[mó, man, tai] (cantonese)= no problem
mo man tai aims to surprise with products that entertain and impress in a convincing simple way. The clear, uncomplicated aesthetics and the combination of old traditions with modern production techniques form the basis for timeless design and pleasure of use. mo man tai supplies products to more than 300 stores in the Netherlands, Europe and other parts of the world and sells products through this webshop.

Surprise your style

Most of the concepts leave the finishing touch to the customer and create a little DIY feeling that makes you love your individual mo man tai product even more.

Share the joy

The minimal packaging is ideal for sending presents by mail.

Sustainable concepts

Fair working conditions and local sources are essential to our philosophy of social responsibility. Short communication ways and production sites nearby guarantee a consistent good quality. By using leftovers of industrial production and recyclable material, mo man tai produces and packs in an environmentally friendly way.

The company

mo man tai was founded by industrial designer Ulrike Jurklies in 2001. Of German origin, she first finished an apprenticeship in furniture making before studying industrial design in Munich. During her studies and after her graduation she worked in Hong Kong. Here she decided to start her own brand. In 2004 she moved to the Netherlands where the company is now located. On her blog ‘zo wie so’, Ulrike introduces her favourite dutch design.