DESTROYERS BUILDERS / carved - uncarved by Linde Freya Tangelder

Image of DESTROYERS BUILDERS / carved - uncarved by Linde Freya Tangelder
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Linde Freya - Destroyers/Builders Ontwerpstudio - is giving a new view and reinterpretation of material. With a deep focus on colour and structures, a high tactility arises.
Objects own a human language. In the work, the process of making is disassembled.

In her endless experiment she opens the traditional usage, and transforms the knowledge into new ways of using an object, experiencing an object. Linde Freya is opening eyes through the material world around us. The work intervenes with the fusion of the wealth and poverty of materialization. The work gives importance to the unimportant.

Carved / Uncarved

Carved / Uncarved is a series of objects based on the craft of carving wood, a traditional way of shaping. By searching for a way of shaping the wood, a human signature arises. Each carve is part of the total structure of human traces. These objects make our daily routine more alive. The objects transcend the functional, but become an experience for the senses.

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Carved / Uncarved is made as a reaction on our structured life.
In the endless stream of products that we sorround ourselves in, daily objects become more and more a confirmation of our culture and our personal conviction. The dialogue between object and user is visible; On the other hand the industry continues in making cold, featureless objects, where we are unable to find a signature of the maker. More than ever we live in contradictions, of overstimulation and understimulation of our senses. In times of fusion between industry and craft, between material and digital, and where scarcity of time and material becomes relevant.

The carved / Uncarved series shows a disassemblage of the process of making; the transformation of the material, and the direct dialogue with the carved leftovers of the making process. The objects give a new view and reinterpretation of material and question the value of material, the value of the maker. How will our future use of material look like?

Kleur: natural cherry of dark aubergine
Materiaal: hout
plate medium / 23,5cm x 15,5cm x 2cm
plate large / 33cm x 23cm x 3cm