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Tony's chocolonely

- caramel sea salt 180gr
- nougat milk chocolate 180gr
- milk chocolate 180gr

At Tony’s Chocolonely we have been transforming chocolate lovers into Tony’s fans since 2005 by making the most delicious, creamy Belgium Fair Trade chocolate for everyday consumption.
We are crazy about chocolate and serious about people, making the tastiest chocolate leaving out one ‘ingredient’: slavery.

Is this special? Unfortunately it is.

60% of all cocoa worldwide comes from Ghana and Ivory Coast. Of the 1.8 million people working on these cocoa farms, at least 460.000 of them work as modern day slaves – many of them children. Our mission is to make the cocoa chain slave free. We sell chocolate to solve the issue, not the other way around. And that makes everyone happy: you, your neighbour, your auntie and the cocoa farmers, Kingsley in Ghana for example.

To find out more about our chocolate without the bitter aftertaste, read the inside of this label or go to tonyschocolonely.com

  • caramel sea salt 100%
  • nougat milk chocolate 100%
  • milk chocolate 100%