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Lannoo microfactories

Move aside, Mr. ford
Masa & Jon Kleinhample
De 2.0 wereld van de creatieve duizendpoot
Guided by both traditional and digital techniques, these 'microfactories' operate within a contemporary setting, forging new rules for a unique business strategy. To quantify a company as a 'microfactory' means elevating their status, recognizing that person's ability to shift the rules defining operational norms within creative businesses. They are, by definition, the embodiment of a ground-breaking creative renaissance, ushered in by the integration of both tradition and technology into our daily lives, whether business or personal. They operate extremely agile companies with small ecological footprints that communicate directly with their customers. They do not rely on large production facilities; rather on their own, on-demand micro-factories. Living in both the physical city and within a new, expansive, digitally networked community, they define a new breed of commerce. Unbound by location, we see the emergence of a new global landscape benefitting from the intimacy of local actors. This is not your fathers' globalism, but one shaped by the transparency of social networks.

Number of pages: 312
Product form: Hardback
Afmetingen: 290x220
Verschijningsdatum: 18/10/2016
EAN: 9789401437011
Nur-code: 450
Imprint: Lannoo
Edition number: 1

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