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LANNOO / lionel jadot - mixed grill



Lannoo Lionel Jadot - mixed grill

Thijs Demeulemeester Lionel Jadot
Lionel Jadot: rijzende ster in de internationale interior design wereld
Lionel Jadot is the archetype of an eclectic person. Born from a family of furniture makers, the workshop was his playground and at a very young age he became interested in the art of making furniture. He expanded his focus later on and can now call himself an architect, interior designer, designer, artist and movie director. In his view working equals playing, recycling, assembling, always with a nod towards other cultures, the past, and local cont

Number of pages: 256
Product form: Hardback
Afmetingen: 290x240
Verschijningsdatum: 20/09/2016
EAN: 9789401436748
Nur-code: 454
Imprint: Lannoo
Edition number: 1

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