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INSPIRAL / kale chips bbq flavor 30gr


Inspiral raw organic vegan kale chips bbq flavor 30gr

We are passionate about our Kale Chips. And its easy to see why:

They are just what you need when you want a snack but don’t want any of the greasy, heavy qualities of potato chips or fried & baked vegetable chips. Our Kale is lovingly grown by farmers here in the UK (though some months it comes from Spain) and by nature already scores No1 in nutrients per calorie according to the Andi scale.

We then massage our precious leaves with different ‘lotions’, either with cashew nuts, sunflower seeds or just extra virgin olive oil. We always use only the finest organic ingredients and go the extra mile to bring you the best sugar, best salt and most punchy superfood.

We are often asked why our products are so much more expensive than normal potato chips. We define our pricing as ‘Honest Price to You, Low Cost to the Planet’.

Kale and Cashew Nuts are far higher quality (and more costly) ingredients than potatoes and sunflower oil
Our Kale is hand picked and hand spread for drying – its not an all automated process
Drying Kale at low temperatures to preserve nutrients takes 18 hours – no mass production here
We package our kale chips in the most conscious compostable packaging no cheap plastics to burden the planet

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